I bought The Frame

Ever since my family moved to a 3-room flat, I spent significant time and effort to make my room my very own sanctuary. I selected my wall colors, lighting and even the furniture to look exactly how I wanted my room to be. A year on, and it has paid off in spades. I enjoy... Continue Reading →

Smartifying my room (part 1)

As you know, my room is my sanctuary. I can go to great lengths to decorate my room to my liking. A personal and safe space where I can hang out and be alone. So it is no surprise that I invest quite a bit on a PC desktop set-up, starting with my gaming PC,... Continue Reading →


Last week I successfully convinced my dad to get a new TV in the living room. We were in the process of doing some spring cleaning for the upcoming Hari Raya. We were trying to tidy the living room space, especially the TV console, where the wires all around were beginning to be an eyesore. At the same... Continue Reading →

Vera Farmiga

  I don't usually write profiles of actors or actresses on my blog and it might be the first of many to come. First up, I want to talk about Vera Farmiga. Vera Farmiga is currently starring as Norman Louise Bates in Bates Motel. Now in its fourth season, the story is actually a prequel... Continue Reading →

One month with Netflix

My first free month with Netflix is almost up. So what have I watched and how reliable is the streaming service so far? So far I have watched (or binged watched) How to Get Away with Murder, Making a Murderer, Jessica Jones, dabbled in Hemlock Grove, and currently trying to get up to speed with... Continue Reading →

Google Chromecast (A quick impression)

On impulse, over the weekend, I bought the Google Chromecast. Not the new generation that was just announced about a week ago, but the little dongle that has been on the market for quite some time. Initially, I never really thought much about Chromecast, or its ability to make any TV with a spare HDMI... Continue Reading →

Man-crush on Aidan

Ok, I am a huge fan of Being Human, the US version. I can't stop thinking about it after watching the last few episodes leading up to the finale next week in their latest season. For those who are not familiar with the series, it is basically about how a werewolf, a vampire and a... Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead The Game

The Walking Dead, The Game, is the first episodic point-and-click adventure game I have ever played. While I am no stranger to adventure games, the episode delivery of such a game is a first for me. The first season, comprising of 5 'episodes' culminates with a season finale, called "Family Ties". It was released a... Continue Reading →

iPhone 5 craze

  Today my dad wanted to upgrade our broadband plan to fiber optic connection so that our family could enjoy the blazingly fast 100mbps internet speed. But we met huge crowds at all the Singtel Hello stores due to the iPhone 5 craze. From Causeway Point, to Jurong Point Singtel Hello stores, there were long... Continue Reading →

T.V. shows I am watching in 2012

Here is a list of T.V. shows that I will be following and watching in 2012: 1. Grimm (Season 1) Inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales, Grimm is an American fantasy, mystery and crime drama series. The show started in October 2011. You follow a homicide detective who happens to be a descendent of a group... Continue Reading →

New TeeVee!

Yeap, my parents bought a new TeeVee, the new LG 37LE5500, a 37 inch LED backlit LCD TV. My parents wanted to redo part of the livin room. So they have been going to IKEA for a number of times within the past 2 weeks. It should look pretty cool once its all done and... Continue Reading →

Lie to Me

Lie to Me is an excellent tv show that I just discovered on the interwebs. Though the series started a year ago, 2 seasons have already been shown with a third one on the way. Lie to me is an excellent drama on the psychology and science behind microexpressions. This drama, follows Dr Lightman, and... Continue Reading →

2 Minutes 17 Seconds

2 Minutes 17 seconds, the whole world blacked out and every single human being on the planet saw their future on that moment 6 months from now. I'd be freaked out if these thing were to happen. I mean, to see your brief future self 6 months in advance, it can be devastating for some... Continue Reading →

Pushing Daisies gets the cut

The the news is out at last. After some speculation, ABC has decided not to order additional episodes to give Pushing Daisies the full second season run of the series. Instead, it has been confirmed that Pushing Daisies will get the cut and we will no longer all be able to enjoy watching the wonderful... Continue Reading →

I love Pushing Daisies!

Pushing Daisies is my current favourite TV series right now. The more i watch it, the more i fall in love with its quirky narrative, witty characters and fairy tale like drama with a huge dose of light hearted comedy.    Lost, Heroes, now its Pushing Daisies that is my current favourite and i cant... Continue Reading →

Heroes In Singapore!

They were here last friday, it was an awesome but short experience. Hiro Nakamura, Nicky Sanders, Mohinder, and Greg were here in Singapore for the last stop of the Asia Tour and i had a glimpse of them in action! Their appearance took place at Vivocity, 3pm. I was there around 2pm and there were... Continue Reading →

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