Vera Farmiga



I don’t usually write profiles of actors or actresses on my blog and it might be the first of many to come. First up, I want to talk about Vera Farmiga.

Vera Farmiga is currently starring as Norman Louise Bates in Bates Motel. Now in its fourth season, the story is actually a prequel to the popular classic horror movie “Psycho” written by Alfred Hitchcock.

I was somewhat familiar with Vera’s acting roles in The Conjuring (and the sequel out soon in June). She also played a role that I remember quite well in “Source Code” as Captain Colleen Goodwin. She mainly appeared on a digital screen talking to Jake Gyllenhaal who is the main protagonist. Other than that, I have no memory of her acting in any other movie, at least not that I can remember (she does have a long acting career). Both of those movies, didn’t really showcase her full talent. Not until I watched Bates Motel.

Despite being just a TV show, her acting skills are top notch. This is the first time I actually watch her acting out her full spectrum of talents on TV. She screams, she laughs, she cries,  she gets crazy sometimes during the show and it’s a marvel to watch her perform all those difficult scenes. I have never seen a more intense actress acting out her role for a TV series. I can’t really put proper words to describe her absolutely marvellous acting skills she has for the show. You must simply watch it to really understand how talented she can be, and the unforgiving demands her role is, that she had to portray week after week.

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