2 Minutes 17 Seconds

2 Minutes 17 seconds, the whole world blacked out and every single human being on the planet saw their future on that moment 6 months from now. I’d be freaked out if these thing were to happen.

I mean, to see your brief future self 6 months in advance, it can be devastating for some or euphoric for others. It all depends on what you see. And this is exactly the scenario in the new hit series, Flashfoward. The show hasn’t reach the halfway mark yet and already a thousand and one questions lurked in every episode that aired. So intriguing are the mysteries, and so connected are the characters that you’ll be instantly hooked to the show.

This ABC science fiction show is fast proving to be the next big show to ever hit on TV screens everywhere. Its a story where everyone in the world blacked out for some unknown reasons and a group of FBI agents are piecing together a ‘Mosaic’ to see the mastermind behind it all. What caused it? Who caused it, and why? The glimpse of the future that everyone see are just little pieces of the larger puzzle that these agents are piecing together bit by bit, while at the same time running against the clock to see who did it and to prevent it if it happens again.

Those who have yet to watch this show, must watch it right now and catch up to the latest episode air on TV. You will be promised to a rollercoaster ride of intense action, drama and mystery, putting you at the edge of your seats. You will be dying to know what actually caused it.

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