I bought The Frame

Ever since my family moved to a 3-room flat, I spent significant time and effort to make my room my very own sanctuary. I selected my wall colors, lighting and even the furniture to look exactly how I wanted my room to be. A year on, and it has paid off in spades. I enjoy spending time in my room. It is warm, peaceful and cosy. However, there was one area in my room that needed a slight makeover, and that is the Sony TV from the old house that I brought over.

There is nothing wrong with the TV. Bought in 2018, it was placed on top of the wall-mounted Eket Shelf from Ikea, right at the edge of the bed by the feet. When we moved in to our new house, I initially wanted to have the TV mounted on the wall. However, I changed my mind at the very last minute, even returning the TV bracket that we bought as an extra when we bought a new TV for the living room.

Recently however, I decided that the TV would actually look better when it is mounted on the wall. But then, as I contemplated on the decision, I wondered; what if I bought a brand new TV and have that mounted instead? You know, like a mini makeover?

And that was exactly what I did.

For a couple of months, I was casually researching on what are some of the best looking TVs out there on the market when mounted on the wall. There were several options, but most of them were not cheap, as TVs with slim profiles that would look sleek when mounted on the wall were usually higher-end TVs. But then I came across Samsung’s The Frame. It’s basically an entry level QLED TV but with a greater emphasis on aesthetics. It is slim, means to be mounted on a wall with nifty digital art decor features that you can set so that the TV no longer looks like a TV mounted on a wall, but instead a digital framed piece of art. The borders of the TV can even be customized with bezels of various colors and textures so that the TV looks less like a TV and more like wall art.

I had the perfect opportunity to buy the TV at a discount. And that is the Lazada 7/7 sale. Fortunately, the Samsung Flagship store was indeed putting up The Frame for a promotional price during the Lazada Sale. It was possible because Samsung was also having their sale around that period. So not only did I get 10% discount from Lazada, I also got all the freebies that Samsung were already offering from their official website as part of their promotion. The freebies include free installation and wall mounting service, one set of free customisable bezels that I get to choose from, a free Logitech webcam and Samsung wireless earbuds. I don’t need the webcam and earbuds, so I am just going to sell them off online. With those sold off, my TV becomes cheaper, technically.

On first impressions, the TV is indeed gorgeous when wall mounted. The guys that helped me mount the TV on the wall were professional and quick. They even scheduled the delivery and installation much earlier than scheduled. Luckily I was at home the whole day on Saturday and was able to accommodate the change of plans. Even without the customisable bezels, the black slim borders already makes the TV look more like a framed artwork and less a TV. It’s an extremely clean look and goes well with my room decor. I plan to get a white modern bezel to go with the TV as my decor around the TV is mostly white.

The screen is a QLED screen which is bright and sharp. Not the highest end QLED, but good enough for my needs. While I was tempted to get Samsung’s flagship QLED, which was also on sale on Lazada, I wasn’t keen on spending at least $3K on a TV to be used in a small room. The Frame, I got for around $1800 for a 50incher, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion as far as The Frame is concerned.

I love the idea of a singular cable providing both power and video, making the entire setup super clean. The Samsung One Connect makes all of these possible, by offloading the connectors usually found at the back or the front of the TV to a separate console box in which you can hide it away.

So far I have been enjoying the TV a lot, watching a couple of Netflix shows and Apple TV series. The TV is bright enough for the room with vivid and accurate colors that one would expect from a QLED display. The entire area near the TV is now clean and neat with no messy cables to be seen anywhere.

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