Those who watched American Horror Story S2 will know this song.

I started watching the second season of American Horror Story season 2 and the show just gets sicker by the episode. Seriously, I don’t know what is going on in the producers’ and scriptwriters’ head, but them thinking about sadistic stuff is really disturbing. There are several instances in the show where they played this really old song through the vinyl record in the recreation room in this mental institution. I started to find out what the song was and within five minutes, I was directed to a youtube video of this 1960’s song called “Dominique”  sung by The Singing Nun.

That song really got stuck in my head. These songs are what I call “sticky songs” and it doesn’t help the fact that it is only played when the show is showing the recreation room. So this psychological conditioning really helps to make you remember the song vividly. Now, when I played back this song on youtube, I find it really creepy. Partly because the mental institution from the show is extremely horrifying. So playing this song just triggers an adrenaline rush through your body in anticipation of a flight action. Your body just tense up at the moment you hear this song, because this song is just plain creepy!

Just hear it for yourself.

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