Heroes In Singapore!

They were here last friday, it was an awesome but short experience. Hiro Nakamura, Nicky Sanders, Mohinder, and Greg were here in Singapore for the last stop of the Asia Tour and i had a glimpse of them in action!

Their appearance took place at Vivocity, 3pm. I was there around 2pm and there were already scores of people crowding close to the stage, eagerly waiting for their grand, red carpet arrival. Some of them were carrying signs and placards, saying stuff like “MARRY ME MOHINDER” or “YATTA”! It was hilarious. I didnt know that Heroes had a really large influence in Singapore.

The whole event ended in less than 30 minutes. After waiting for more than an hour for their red carpet arrival, they came, they talked, they cheered and drove hardcore fans to madness, they were gone just like that.

I managed to hold on to a spot on the second level of the mall, overlooking to the entire open space where the stage were. I managed to take some crappy photos on my crappy camera. Im no cameraman so pardon me if the quality is really bad.  Meanwhile click on the images to view larger.

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