Man-crush on Aidan


Ok, I am a huge fan of Being Human, the US version. I can’t stop thinking about it after watching the last few episodes leading up to the finale next week in their latest season. For those who are not familiar with the series, it is basically about how a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost tries to live normally like humans in a house. But things don’t usually turn out normal. The story twists and turns and there is more to it in the world of werewolves, vampires and ghosts than merely about these three persons living together. In essence, their lives are intertwined closely, yes they must navigate through a minefield and achieve lots of sacrifices to achieve what they want: A normal life.

I have to confess; I have a man-crush on Aidan. Not only is he good looking, but deep inside him, he has a genuine heart. I mean, yeah sure he is a vampire without a beating heart. He kills, and gets violent sometimes. But those are human flaws amplified by their vampire instincts. despite being immortal, he has human problems as well. You see, the thing I like about the show, is that you get to see their vulnerabilities as a human despite being whether they are werewolves or vampires. And believe me, werewolves and vampire do not mix. They hate each other. But somehow seeing both of them as friends, Josh and Aidan is truly heartwarming. Despite their vulnerabilities that you see in them, their flaws, there is one thing I love them so much. It is their unwavering friendship. The lengths each other go through to save each other from trouble. The sacrifices they made for each other in order to forge some form of brotherhood despite what others say about werewolves and vampires being a taboo mixing around.

In the last few episodes, I really got to see Aidan sacrificing so much for his friends. Willing to help and risk his own lives so that others may hopefully lead a normal life. He is truly a hero, of course he is not real, only in the show, but he inspires me sometimes to really reach out for once a helping hand for that friend in need. That’s why I have a man-crush Aidan.

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