Lie to Me

Lie to Me is an excellent tv show that I just discovered on the interwebs. Though the series started a year ago, 2 seasons have already been shown with a third one on the way. Lie to me is an excellent drama on the psychology and science behind microexpressions.

This drama, follows Dr Lightman, and his company, The Lightman Group, whose privately owned entity is for hire to assists in local and national investigators in the US. Their task is to assist in the investigations of various cases, particularly in weeding out people who lie. Dr Lightman is an expert in psychology, human behavior and particularly, in the area of microexpressions. In each episode, he goes around solving crimes and helping out in investigations that requires reading human expressions, and to deal with people are may be lying when they take on a particular case. His technique has often dealt with heavy skepticism but that doesnt impede Dr Lightman to solve all the cases with absolute grace.

I was quite surprised that I did not catch this series earlier. This show is very much like The Mentalist, but with some real scientific research behind backing up cases that he solves. Unlike The Mentalist, where the main character is merely a genius who can read people well, this shows demonstrates the tried and true methods of microexpressions. Years of research on human psychology and human behavior has been brought forward with a certain degree on accuracy and they managed put on a show with compelling plots and characters. I have watched around 6 episodes so far and I must say, I have indeed learnt a thing or two so far. I have been able to recognize certain facial expressions that have been emphasized in this show. Microexpressions such as contempt, anger, hate, sadness and manipulation which I’m sure I could put it to good use when I talk to people and see if they are lying or not. It is definitely a good show to watch and an absolutely interesting area to know more in human behavior, microexressions and facial expressions.

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  1. Haiyah, slow lah, people watch all the episodes already! Nyahahah!

  2. sorry lar.. some people slow! LOL. You watch and then you never reccommend…. LOL

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