New TeeVee!

Yeap, my parents bought a new TeeVee, the new LG 37LE5500, a 37 inch LED backlit LCD TV.

My parents wanted to redo part of the livin room. So they have been going to IKEA for a number of times within the past 2 weeks. It should look pretty cool once its all done and ready. The Teevee is suppose to replace our age old Samsung, which is starting to show some unpleasant discolourations and pixel burn-ins from a number of areas within the teevee screen. It was about time to get a new one anyway.

Costin 970 bucks at Audiohouse, I have done my research and based on our needs, functionality and costs, I decided in getting this one. For the price in getting an LED backlit LCD teevee, i think its a bargain. Producing really good picture quality with a cinematic feel to it when watching blu-ray movies, it has good contrast ratio and is perfect for our usage. The LED backlit would definitely save energy consumption in the long run. Furthermore, its edge LED lit, meaning that the LED backlit is at the edges of the screen, rather than the entire panel, reducing energy consumption and producing a slimmer form factor. Equipped with a special sheet to distribute the light throughout the panel, I have not noticed any light bleeding at the edges of the screen and the white colour reproduction is smoothly and evenly distributed. I have tried it playing DVDs, Blu-rays and PS3 games and I must say, it was a big upgrade from the old Samsung one. Finally for the first time, we are able to watch our blu-ray movies and HD content in full 1080P resolution and its been terrific so far. Cant wait when the Teevee is mounted on the wall, as im sure its gonna look really sleek.

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  1. do post pics of new living room when its done!!!
    PS your effort put into choosing tv is applaudable. i have never tried to help in any way in choosing tv for home. maybe i just make sure of the functions available thats all. but i must say energy consumption is always the biggest regret after choosing every electrical appliance in my house. but none of us ever learn. it just never occur to us at the moment we buy them. haii

  2. OMG tifen! you actually read my blog! LOL thanks for visiting! I will post the pics once the ‘renovation’ is done!

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