Pushing Daisies gets the cut

The the news is out at last. After some speculation, ABC has decided not to order additional episodes to give Pushing Daisies the full second season run of the series. Instead, it has been confirmed that Pushing Daisies will get the cut and we will no longer all be able to enjoy watching the wonderful cast of characters and thier quirky story.

I love Pushing Daisies so much. Its charming and witty dialogue, coupled with an amazing cast of characters with superb chemistry, has garnered my attention so much, that it has become one of my favourite series to date. These kinda shows just bring smile to peoples faces and it really did to me. Its heartwarming, funny, witty, charming all at the same time. Its sad to see the end of Pushing Daisies just after 2 short seasons. 

I hope the show will be picked up again, perhaps by another studio. This series has so much potential, and the story about each and every character in the show has yet to even fully flesh out yet. Things are just getting exciting, after having watched episodes 5 and 6 of seasons 2. All good things indeed must come to an end someday.

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