I miss school. Alot.

Now that I am officially a student again (graduate student), I eagely look forward to my night classes on mondays and wednesdays every week. Everytime I walk through the campus and on to my faculty of science bulding, I am constantly hit by pangs of nostalgia. Even though I was an NTU undergrad, seeing those... Continue Reading →

Interview for my Master Programme

A few months ago I applied for a Master's degree programme in NUS. It's a Joint Master's in Science Communication between NUS and Australia National University. Just yesterday I went for an interview after being shortlisted for the programme. The interview went ok. It was held in some recreation room in the School of Science... Continue Reading →

Post graduation BBQ chalet

  It was a success, even though we planned a little late and did not manage to reserve the ideal chalet, we still had a lot of fun and the turn-out was good. Slightly more than 20 people came for the chalet and it was a good turnout, since we predicted and bought food for... Continue Reading →


  31st of July was the day of my convocation. After 4 years of study in NTU, I finally get to graduate. And graduate with a second class upper division. I am truly happy right now. I not only achieved my goals I set out at the beginning of school when I first started out... Continue Reading →

A breakdown of my grades

So now that I have officially completed my study in NTU, having fulfilled and completed all modules that are required to graduate. Allow me to break it down for you my grades and tally the number of modules I get for each respective grade. Here they are: Tally A+ 3 A 1 A- 9 B+... Continue Reading →

Final Year in School

I would never have imagined myself going through my final year as if only a month has passed by when I first started my school life in NTU. Everything is travelling at lightspeed and I am still playing catch up. First semester, first week has come and gone  and these are the modules that I... Continue Reading →

A look back at Year 3 Semester 1.

As I sit in front of the computer, trying to reflect back on those past 5 months of so, it was undeniably one hell of a ride. Nevertheless, it was one ride that I will never forget.When I joined the SBS club as the main committee. I thought to myself that I must be crazy.... Continue Reading →

Cracks are starting to appear.

It's that time of the semester again. With exams around the corner, the semester has proven to be the most difficult and challenging I have ever encountered in my Uni life. Its a double whammy for having Advance Biochemistry and Biophysics modules to be taken in a single semester. With all the assignment datelines, tests,... Continue Reading →


That was the result of this semester's grades. How do I feel?On paper it looks really ok. It is in line with expectations. Although the A- were the modules that were the most difficult. They were physiology and microbiology. I thought I was a goner for that module, but apparently, for some reason, I managed... Continue Reading →

Crunch Time.

I have this tendency to give my best in everything I do, but that is just saying and no action. Towards the end of everything, I always fall short of giving my best. The potential to do better is always there, and largely untapped. This time, im gonna make the necessary sacrifices that I usually... Continue Reading →

Devoid of distractions

The exam fever has once again arrived. Only 3 weeks left before the start of the exams and finally I can breathe easier now, the deadlines to all the major assignments are all past due. Now what's left are just the exams. 3 weeks and the exams will start. That is a very short time... Continue Reading →


So I went for the INSTEP Talk today. It simply stands for International Student Exchange Program for NTU students. The talk was 2 hours long and it was highly insightful. The talk is mandatory for those who wish to spend a semester in an overseas university. As an exchange student, you will be studying at... Continue Reading →

Exam Results!!!

So how did I fare this semester?Outstanding! This semester's results blew my expectations away! I did not expect getting 3A, much less an A+ within the 3As that I have gotten. My most optimisitic expectations were at least 2A and all Bs with not Cs at the very least, but this time, I managed to... Continue Reading →

1 down, 4 more to go

So my first paper is done. 4 more to go. How did it went? I think it went well, but I have this nagging feeling that it could have been better. There was one question is particular where I went almost totally blank. I mean, I can answer the question, partly but the rest of... Continue Reading →

Matriculation Package is here!

My matriculation package arrived last week and i realised that there are lots of paperwork to do before i officially matriculate! I had to go online and accept the matriculation declaration, fill up my personal particulars. Then i had to fill up my parents particulars, after that on to the acceptance of tuition grants, CPF... Continue Reading →

Last entry of 2008

This would officially be my last entry for the year 2008. What a year it has been. After finishing BMT in end december of 2007, posted as a Transport Supervisor, undergoing the course till May and to a unit from then on.  Im looking forward to 2009. I believe alot of interesting things will happen... Continue Reading →

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