Cracks are starting to appear.

It’s that time of the semester again. With exams around the corner, the semester has proven to be the most difficult and challenging I have ever encountered in my Uni life.

Its a double whammy for having Advance Biochemistry and Biophysics modules to be taken in a single semester. With all the assignment datelines, tests, quiz overlapping each other, sometimes you just wonder how you keep yourself sane at times. I have never drank more cups of tea (or coffee on occasions) this semester than I ever had in a year and I am not exaggerating. The timetable schedule aren’t helping either. Someday, 10 years from now, Im gonna read this entry and then i am gonna reflect on just exactly how I manage to go through this phase of life. If one were to ask me which part of your life you do not want to go through again. This semester would be somewhere at the top of my list. But its wrong to say such things. In fact I think I had the point of my life, I had the most fun that I ever had in years.

Despite the stresses of schoolwork, friends are what kept me sane and happy while in school. I cannot express enough gratitude when it comes to my friends. I owe them a lot. And they certainly have made my life so much easier and more colorful. I have also made tons of friends when I first started here. It was not easy, but it certainly paid off to slowly get to know more of my friends around school, and that is something I would not stop doing. Making more friends. I think I’m slowly starting to open up, embracing who I am, and accepting others as the way they are. And I hope my friends would embrace me for who I am.

My greatest hope is for me to realize that all my hard work is paid off at the end. I have yet to have a taste of success despite the effort I have put in at school. And I hope when it comes to exams, my principals that I have held on to, the principals that define me would never let me down. I hasn’t let me down before, and I am fairly confident that it would never ever let me down.

This coming summer holidays, I am going to pledge myself to use the time to improve my life, enhance my health, learn new stuff, and make loads of new friends. I’m using this opportunity to improve my well being and the well being of my friends and I would do all my best to repay the debt I owed to all my friends by extending a helping hand, should they need it.

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