That was the result of this semester’s grades. How do I feel?On paper it looks really ok. It is in line with expectations. Although the A- were the modules that were the most difficult. They were physiology and microbiology. I thought I was a goner for that module, but apparently, for some reason, I managed to do pretty well. On the other hand, Advance Cell biology and Experimental Molecular and Cell Biology were the most confident papers I ever sat during that semester. Naturally, I would have gotten A’s for that. But no! I got B’s for both that modules. It is a total reverse when it comes to what I expected out of the grades. I guess the downer was the HW102. I expected to tip in favour of B+ or A- at least. That would have caused my GPA to not take a dip this semester.

Im pretty satisfied overall, but again, the results I got, resulted in a slight dip of my cGPA, and now it stands at 3.99. 0.01 short of achieving my overall goals. Tad dissapointing isnt it. It doesnt help the fact that this coming semester is gonna be much more difficult. It gonna be an uphill challenge just to maintain my cGPA, must less to improve back to above 4.

On the brightside however, im only 0.01 points away from achieving 4. You can look at this way: It is not much of a challenge to push a little harder to break the 4 point barrier. It is just 0.01 points away. That means you have to get an average B+ in everything. With that being said, it is not as simple as it seems. Year 2 Sem 2 has a couple of extremely difficult modules that I have to tackle. Those could potentially blur my path to achieving a 4 point grade at the end of the day. Looks easy, yet its challenging. The paradox here has gotten me thinking and strategizing my study methods and perhaps would have to accept the fact that if you want to get back on track, you have to study much much harder than what you have done so far in the past 3 semester.

Sounds challenging? Definitely. But again, looking at the ominous figure, “3.99” I feel motivated to study much harder than before. I am definitely not resting on my laurels. Looking at “3.99” is such a pain in my eyes. I would definitely want to do something about it. So after all, “3.99” wasnt so bad, it just allows me to push myself harder and that is just what I am going to do. I was a little complacent last semester. This semester, I am not going to make the same mistake again.

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