Matriculation Package is here!

My matriculation package arrived last week and i realised that there are lots of paperwork to do before i officially matriculate!

I had to go online and accept the matriculation declaration, fill up my personal particulars. Then i had to fill up my parents particulars, after that on to the acceptance of tuition grants, CPF education loan scheme, matriculation ID Card application with a passport sized photos, selection of NTU Email account. PHEW!!

Luckily, NTU sent me a hand guidebook with all the infomation needed to make the application a smooth one. They laid out the annexes and important information for new students and also attached hardcopies of various application forms. They were also kind enough to provide a checklist of all the forms and applications that needed to be filled with all the corresponding datelines, so that you will not miss any part of the matriculation process.

My only hurdle left is getting a good passport sized photo for the ID card and i had to do it by 19 June 2009, which is next friday! I even had to submit a hardcopy of the MOE Tuition Grant form directly to the NTU itself.

Well i gotta get started lest i lose my NTU spot!

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