Devoid of distractions

The exam fever has once again arrived. Only 3 weeks left before the start of the exams and finally I can breathe easier now, the deadlines to all the major assignments are all past due. Now what’s left are just the exams.

3 weeks and the exams will start. That is a very short time considering I usually begin to prepare for it way in advance around week 8 or 9 in the last semester. I dunno how I am gonna cope with all the studying that I need to do. I hope i don’t do too badly this semester. Achieving my target this time round could be a tough challenge to meet. Already I feel that it is more than an uphill task, rather, it’s too far to reach it. But I cant let it get into my head. I need to concentrate from now till the exams, taking baby steps, to study and revise as much as I can, no matter how little i can achieve within those small moments of inactivity. Those can add up to alot of waste time and productivity. Like Facebook for example, or surfing the internet, watching tv shows, traveling even.

Im gonna make a personal pact to myself: Im gonna stay in school till at least 5.30pm everyday from now on and do something, anything where revisions are concerned. That should at least keep me away from all the distractions that i have. Im gonna read my notes, go through the past year exam papers PROPERLY, tackle every questions till i at least get it right and now how to solve the problems.

I think my greatest challenge would be to segment my time and tackle the modules that I am having difficulty. But it is difficult to determine which is challenging. Physiology is definitely son-of-a-bitch module. But even then I cant have that mentality. Instead, I should proactively conquer this module. Then we have Experimental Molecular and Cell Biology. The MCQ was already kinda tough. This time round there are open ended essays with case studies and application questions. I have not seen or attempted any of those questions in the past year paper. But on the upside, the quiz at least gave us a somewhat thorough revision of the entire module. So to an extent, the materials prepared for that module is around 50%. Microbiology is another big question mark. Dunno the format for the exam, but i’d assume that it would be all MCQs. I just hope that there arent any questions that are outside what was taught in lectures, because the material is super heavy. Advance Cell Biology was touted to be fairly simple paper. Again, no format has been given yet, and then again, I shouldnt rest on my laurels. Anything can happen.

Somehow I have enough motivation to see myself through this module, The only question is whether I crumble under the pressure, especially when the time i need to prepare for the exam has been severely shortened. I probably need to adopt some other strategies along the way to aid in my revision. And i need to think of something quick. Motivation is one thing, but can i sustain that momentum, or will i just hit the breaks mid way?

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