Last entry of 2008

This would officially be my last entry for the year 2008. What a year it has been. After finishing BMT in end december of 2007, posted as a Transport Supervisor, undergoing the course till May and to a unit from then on. 

Im looking forward to 2009. I believe alot of interesting things will happen in that year for me. For starters, it will the year where i will officially end my service to the nation and im dying to look forward to my new phase of life. Back to school, being an undergraduate at NTU. I should be an exciting time of my life an no less challenging… academically. 

2009 will the transition year for me integrating back to civilian life. I wonder how it will turn out. But whatever it is, im sure i will take it positively and will no doubt enjoy my time being an undergraduate. 

There have been talks about going for overseas trips and vacation with my family again. My last major vacation was on a trip to Tokyo, Japan. That was more than a year ago and i had a blast. My family is now looking forward to a short shopping trip to Vietnam, perhaps during one of those long weekends. But that will not be the highlight of 2009 when it comes to vacation. My family, if we can afford financially, might be going to exotic Turkey toward to the end of the year. It would most likely coincide after my first semester in NTU, during the semester breaks. But nothing is solid yet, just small talks here and there. We are still considering our options. Personally, im dying to go Turkey. I have told myself time and again that after the incredible Japan trip, my next must-go destination would be Turkey. I have looked up at the itinery of some travel agencies offering exotic trips to turkey, and most of them are around the 10-day duration.  Man, im so psyched. Im gonna save some money for the trip. If all goes as planned, this would be the furthest ive travelled after Japan. I can wait to see all those cultural and exotic locations. I want to see the Blue Mosque first and foremost. Id like to experience their unique East-Meets-West culture, a modern Islamic culture. The vacation would strictly be a sightseeing one, rather than a shopping holiday. Well, lets just hope for the best.

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