1 down, 4 more to go

So my first paper is done. 4 more to go. How did it went?

I think it went well, but I have this nagging feeling that it could have been better. There was one question is particular where I went almost totally blank. I mean, I can answer the question, partly but the rest of it was guesswork. All of the questions were big open ended essay questions. There are 4 main questions, totaling 100 marks. The question where I did not know how to answer confidently was 13 marks total. I dont expect that question to get great marks, but overall, I have this sense that I did pretty well for the whole paper. I spotted most of the questions correctly, except for that one where I totally did not study at all. My confidence level of getting an A? 50/50.

At first, I didnt expect myself to actually aim for an A for this paper. I hate this module. Electricity for Modern Society. It’s such a dry module. All nothing but memorization and I hate that. I’m not good at those things in particular. But somehow, after leaving the hall, I might pull it through. Of course I’m not saying that when I answered those questions, I could answer them perfectlh. Based on what I wrote, I was definitely not on the mark on some of them. A few marks gone here and there, partly because I couldn’t recall some of the points based on the lecture notes. I could get an A, but then again, I still had that nagging feeling that I might be a little overconfident here. After all, losing a few marks in every question can just snowball off its trajectory, losing more marks that you’d originally hope. Still, fingers crossed and overall, I think it was a good start.

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