Final Year in School

I would never have imagined myself going through my final year as if only a month has passed by when I first started my school life in NTU. Everything is travelling at lightspeed and I am still playing catch up. First semester, first week has come and gone  and these are the modules that I am taking this semester:

Molecular Evolution

Muscle Biology

Clinical Applications in Omics

Topics in Cell Biology
and Forensic Sciences as my elective module, my final elective to clear my required elective needed to complete my studies.

I am pretty happy with my selection, maybe except for Molecular Evolution. I am feeling jittery over my decision in choosing that module. It’s rather.. abstract for the time being. But I cant accurately judge the difficulty of the module based on just one lecture. Other modules may present its own unique challenges and levels of difficulties as the semester progresses and already there are a ton of project works and group assignments coming up in the coming weeks. All I need to do on my part is to manage my time properly and make sure that I don’t burn out. My other concern would be the workload, which I guess shouldn’t be much of a problem if I know what I am studying. I need to focus more this semester. I need to dedicate more time to studying smarter and perhaps more intensely.

My timetable is rather light. Though it’s a five-day week, it’s basically one lecture per day on average. And it might be a silver lining for me to spend more time in school outside lecture to revise and study. I remember the time a couple of semester ago where you basically had no time to do that. Heavy modules and repeated lecture viewings rarely leave you time to do actual studying. I need to get back to that same intensity and should not be complacent about my ‘light’ timetable. Its deceiving. I still need to put the same number of hours of studying back in the days to achieve the same result. But alas, it is still a little early to do any real studying. It’s only the first week. I might start on ‘real studying’ on the third week or so and everything is settled down and I get into the groove of things when it comes to school routines. I havent come up with a new strategy when it comes to studying. So with that I also need to think about that soon.

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