Crunch Time.

I have this tendency to give my best in everything I do, but that is just saying and no action. Towards the end of everything, I always fall short of giving my best. The potential to do better is always there, and largely untapped.

This time, im gonna make the necessary sacrifices that I usually dont take at very last moments, or times when it is severely needed. I think, given the circumstances, im going all out and do my best for my exams. Im gonna focus as much willpower, energy and dedication to NOT make this semester a wasted journey and hopefully that I could salvage as much as I could before the exam starts.

I set a goal for myself to improve my GPA to 4.2. My current standing is 4.02. I still have lots of work to be done. But given the performance that I have given so far, with all the assignments and class tests and quiz dished out to me throughout the semester, I feel that i have not given my best yet. Time is running for me. Exam is in less than 2 weeks. I hope I can do whatever i can do make the best use of the time I have left and at least perform admirably to my standards that I have set myself up in the beginning of the semester. This is truly the last ditch effort.

In an attempt to salvage the situation and make myself feel better. I kinda psyched about studying right now. For some reason, i think thanks to a couple of friends who jioed me to studying, i feel that they have reinvigorated my motivation to study. And i must thank them. If not for them, i would have been severely distracted by other things, and it had been a productive day indeed. I hope I could keep the momentum up for the next month or so. Thanks guys!!

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