Molecular Evolution marks the end of my exams in NTU

Monday marks the end of my exams for this semester and also my entire life in NTU. Molecular Evolution is the module that so happens to be the last examination that I had to sit for in my entire NTU life. 4 years in the making and it has come to this. 

Can’t really say much on how I felt when it was announced to stop writing at the end of the examination. It was bittersweet I guess. Academic life is tough, especially when the competition is intense. I am by no means a truly hard mugger, but I do (and hopefully) put in effort to make the grade, at least at a level where I am most happy with. My goal is to have a GPA that would put me in the Second Class Upper band. Right now I am just slightly below my target, and this semester is the final semester in NTU that I have the opportunity to work hard enough to cross over that band. I still have a final lifeline which is the FYP grading that could also alter and hopefully improve my GPA somewhat if I didn’t make the cut this semester.

Will I be able to succeed and push my GPA beyond 4? I can’t say for sure. I know that I have been consistently working hard, and that I have more time to concentrate on each module given this semester, since its far less that previous semester. But anything can happen. I would be super glad if I finally be able to hit my target, after 4 crazy years.

Looking back, I had fun all these years in school. The friends I made, the things I did, all of which gave me great joy. Aside from the stressful academic regime that I and my friends go through repeatedly year after year, it was truly the most memorable ever. Now the thought of graduation and finding a job, having a career looms ahead of me. Suddenly, graduating doesn’t seem that attractive anymore. I always wish I could relive the good old days as I have always yearned. The nostalgic side of me just refuses to let go and look forward to a wonderful, exciting and definitely uncertain future ahead.

Soon, FYP will begin, and end, I will serve my remaining days in National Service, and then its off, working. 2013 is going to be a very big question mark for me. What is in store for me? What kind of path will take, what does the future holds for me? How much will my life change? How am I gonna prepare myself for the next chapter of my life. I have been through a number of chapters, all filled with uncertainties in the beginning, but with a great ending. This next chapter is the most frightening of them all.

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