Interview for my Master Programme

A few months ago I applied for a Master’s degree programme in NUS. It’s a Joint Master’s in Science Communication between NUS and Australia National University. Just yesterday I went for an interview after being shortlisted for the programme.

The interview went ok. It was held in some recreation room in the School of Science building and the atmosphere was very relaxed. I was interviewed by a panel of professors and they asked general questions about educational background and the work I am currently in. They also asked me how this course would enhance my work and future career in research and science in general.

I was nervous heading to the venue. But once I reached the holding room to wait my turn, I managed to calm down a bit and had a little conversation with another person in the room. She was also shortlisted for the course and was awaiting her turn to be interviewed. It happened that she is a teacher of 7 years and that she recently completed her part time degree course at the Singapore Institute of Management. I was quite amazed at the fact that apart from being a full time teacher, she managed to have time to take up a full fledge degree course during her remaining free time after work. She told me it was really tough juggling work and school at the same time, much less for 4 years straight. What amazed me even more was that she had the ambition to further her studies, just like what I am doing right now, still having the energy to take up another 2 years of study to complete this Master Programme. She took a break for about a year upon completing her part time degree before applying for the Master Programme. I respect her deeply for her tenacity. Being a teacher in Singapore is quite stressful and you are expected to work long hours, beyond just simply teach. I hope she gets into the course. She truly deserves it.

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