Exam Results!!!

So how did I fare this semester?Outstanding! This semester’s results blew my expectations away! I did not expect getting 3A, much less an A+ within the 3As that I have gotten. My most optimisitic expectations were at least 2A and all Bs with not Cs at the very least, but this time, I managed to do a complete turnaround and did better than I’d hope for initially.

Summary at a glance:

Molecular Biology: B+

Biochemistry: A+

Living in Contemporary Cities: A-

Electricty for Modern Society A-

Basic Cell Biology B+

Semestral GPA: 4.40

Overall GPA improvement and current standing: 3.50>>>>>4.02

That is a 0.52 improvement! Very drastic and more than I could ever hoped for.

Biochemistry result was a shocker, despite the fact that it was the last paper to sit for during the examination period, with 4 days before leaving for my vacation to Turkey AND leaving the exam hall 45 minutes earlier, I managed to get an A+ for that. Even my electives, I never really thought that I could have gotten As for that as well. And it was totally opposite based on my expectations that my 2 other core modules, basic cell biology and molecular biology I would get a decent B grade for it when I thought I had ample confidence in acing those two modules. I was quite close in getting straight As. But alas, now that it’s over and overall, it not only exceeded my expectation but also managed to hit the magical GPA target of 4 within a semester, I’m pretty confident that I’m back on track after a rather dismal performance last semester. It really goes to show that with a little hard work and a lot of faith you can actually do it without comparing yourself to others and just focusing on yourself into believing you can do it.

Now I can enjoy my holidays in peace and knowing the fact that I deserve this extended break 100%. Now that last thing i need is the feeling of complacency for the next semester and I would be in my second year of studies. More challenges awaits especially the second year second semester and i really need to do well again for the upcoming semester. Its imperative that i improve a little more on my GPA, so that when  there is a bumpy road ahead, i have ample ‘cushion’ to absorb the shock. I need to maintain my GPA of 4 and it is my overall goal in NTU where my studies are concerned.

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