Mushishi is truly magical…

You know, with all the talk about mushishi in my blog, i still cant find a suitable way to best describe this outstanding anime nor categorise them in any of the major genres. Ive watched a lot of animes in the past 4 years and have still numerous backlogs of anime series still waiting to... Continue Reading →

Mushishi DVD collection completed!

I dont have the pictures to show the entire collection just yet, but suffice to say that i have finally bought all 6 volumes of the DVD and it looks sweet when all of them are placed in the collection box that came with the first volume. Although the final volume was released months ago,... Continue Reading →

Notable new anime series

This year's Spring 2008 anime season is gonna be a busy one. With almost 30 new series airing in Japan alone, its gonna be tough for me to filter the good ones from the bad ones. Ive previewed (watched the first episode of the series as a first impression) almost half of the total series... Continue Reading →

Fieldcamp over!

Finally the fieldcamp, which is the highlight of BMT is finally over. Having gone through 6 days outfield, with the last 3 being the most miserable days of my life, ive managed to survived the ordeal. Now with a 4 days break starting on Deepavali, i had the time to start blogging. Alot of things... Continue Reading →

Mushishi DVD box set arrived!

It came in good timing after my 2 weeks in confinement in BMT. My wildly anticipated package has arrive safe and sound. Now my experience from ebaying has been a positive one indeed and i hope it will continue to do so for future purchases. Title: Mushishi Licensed by: Funimation Region: 1 (NTSC) Resolution: 720x480... Continue Reading →

Fate/Zero figure pair [Gorgeouslicious]

[This would be my last post before heading to Tekong, but anyways ill be back in 3 weeks time.] Ive seen the Saber model donning in black suit under the Fate/Zero franchise and i thought it looked cool. Though the anime is really interesting, it wasnt good enough to really capture my attention. Sure i... Continue Reading →

Where is my package!?

Gargh! I ordered the Suzumiya Haruhi Kyon Character CD and my Mushishi anime DVD starter set and they have yet to arrive! I'm going to NS on friday and i was hoping to recieve them before i enlist, but those 2 packages are nowhere on sight. Its been a little more than 2 weeks already... Continue Reading →

Kino’s Figure!

Seeing is believing indeed! I've never thought that i would easily fall in love with another figurine after Blood+. Seeing Kino's figure from the popular Kino no Tabi anime series, i was ecstatic! (and a little worried that i might blow huge chunks of cash on PVC) Came across Clockwordmanchina's entry whilst digging deep into... Continue Reading →

Hare Hare Yukai Madness!

You know after all the "hoo-haa" thats going on around Odex and the anime community in Singapore, i must admit that even an anime freak like me must come to understand and stand up for my actions for once. Yes i admit that ive been downloading anime for the past 4 years and with this... Continue Reading →

Blood+’s Saya and Hagi Bust

Its without a doubt that im an anime and manga fan. I just love them so much, and certain series really left a lasting impact on you after watching or reading them. But when it comes to figurines and anime models or busts, im not keen in collecting them at all. Yeah some are really... Continue Reading →

Mushishi DVD Box Set… ME WANT!!

I saw the promotional ad for the dvd release of Mushishi the other day and it reminded me of the series that i recently watched just last month. I must say that series is one of the most refreshing series that i've watched in a long time. Slow, but meaningful, artistic, fluid, and very human... Continue Reading →

Utada Goodness!

As youve noticed, Utada Hikaru will be contributing a song from the upcoming Kiss&Cry single for "Rebuild of Evangelion" Movie. "Beautiful World" will be the opening theme for the movie. Meanwhile the exclusive trailer for the movie will feature another of Utada's remakes, "Fly Me to the Moon", which will also be included in the... Continue Reading →

Ookiku furikabutte

Months back, when the list of all the animes that would be released were out, it was hell for me. Previewing over 50 new titles was a daunting task. As with any other season of the year, when it comes to Spring, or Autumn, its always been a very busy part of the year. After... Continue Reading →

Abingdon Boys School

Abingdon Boys School, a relatively new Japanese Rock Band which made their official debut on September 3 2006, which was just barely a year, is slowly rising the ranks of fame. Their first single "Innocent Sorrow" was released and was used as an opening theme for D.Gray Man a relatively popular manga and anime series... Continue Reading →

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