Kino’s Figure!

Seeing is believing indeed! I’ve never thought that i would easily fall in love with another figurine after Blood+. Seeing Kino’s figure from the popular Kino no Tabi anime series, i was ecstatic! (and a little worried that i might blow huge chunks of cash on PVC)

Came across Clockwordmanchina’s entry whilst digging deep into the blogosphere, till i saw it. Behold!

Judging from the images above, id say its a fine piece of work. The base and the smoke from the gun really added a nice finishing touch to the entire figure. The detail is there, from the gun, to the individual pouches hung on her belt. The pose isnt really striking, but its just perfect for her character, an air of calm demeanor. Should i buy or should i not? Darn!

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  1. the intended release date is december and the its going at a 1/8 scale.
    as for the price, its going for 3690yen….so i wanna say 45USD???
    thanks for leaving a comment btw! :3

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