Paprika opens tomorrow in Singapore, Brave Story on 16th August.

Wow! I totally missed this! But i just read in the news that Cathay will be showcasing another big hit anime sensation to the big screen. Its none other than Paprika.

A film by Satoshi Kon, who not only made Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers, but also the surreal and eerie Paranoia Agent 

Susumu Hirasawa also teams up with Satoshi Kon to create the soundtrack for Paprika as he had done for Paranoia Agent, filling the sounds full of electric and surreal melodies.

Ive watched this before, and although i prefer “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” better than Paprika in terms of storyline, Paprika has excellent animation and visuals, none that I’ve ever seen in most other animations out there. Those who intend to watch should be delighted to know that they would be in for a treat. The film itself has garnered several critical acclaim in terms of the quality of the animation that could rival western animation studios. Already, this film has been selected to a few film festival as an opening film. The only complain i have personally is that it takes time for one to understand the story as it can get a little complex. But fret not, regardless, its a good film to watch for anime fans out there. The trailer can be found on Sony’s Official Movie Page.


Adding another anime title coming to Singapore’s shores and to the delight of anime fans here, Brave Story, a film done by GONZO will be coming on August 16th. Again, Cathay ( I love you!!) will be bringing it their theaters.

I dont really know much about brave story, as i only first watched the trailer at Cathay Cineleisure last week while waiting to watch Harry Potter. I heard of it, but was unaware of what the story is all about. According to Animenewsnetwork:

When 10 year old Wataru’s father leaves home and his mother is taken ill to hospital, he decides to change his fate by travelling through the door shown to him by his friend Mitsuru. In a land of magic and monsters, Wataru must summon all his courage and embark on a journey with several comrades to meet the Goddess of Destiny and change this “mistaken fate”.”

You can watch the trailer here:

So that does then. Anime lovers, mark your calenders, call up like minded peeps such as yourself and start planning to watch!

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  1. Singapore Anime fans are getting such a treat these days. :]

    I went to Gonzo for a job interview last year, they have a really fantastic studio in Shinjuku. Pity I didn’t get to meet Mahiro-san…

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