Mushishi DVD collection completed!

I dont have the pictures to show the entire collection just yet, but suffice to say that i have finally bought all 6 volumes of the DVD and it looks sweet when all of them are placed in the collection box that came with the first volume.

Although the final volume was released months ago, i only managed to get it at a bargain price on ebay. Im very short on cash and any cent counts!! Thankfully the package arrived just fine. Although it tooks a whopping 3 weeks to arrive to my doorstep, at least its cheap.

So whats next after mushishi. I dont think i would be buying Anime dvds at the time being. I already have my investments on manga and games, and those are real money suckers. Id love to have the Blood+ DVD collection though. Im a big fan of Blood+.

Guess ill have to wish for it and hope it falls from the sky and into my hands.

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