Fieldcamp over!

Finally the fieldcamp, which is the highlight of BMT is finally over. Having gone through 6 days outfield, with the last 3 being the most miserable days of my life, ive managed to survived the ordeal. Now with a 4 days break starting on Deepavali, i had the time to start blogging.

Alot of things happened in BMT, both good and bad. Its been an experience, and being myself, an experience i will not forget and will not want to go through again. Its been challenging both physically and mentally and this break is a much deserved one. Im grateful that i was not slated for any regimental or extra guard duties during this precious 4 day break.

With BMT i dont have a lot of time in my hands to do the things i wanted and thus i find that time is very precious to me. BMT truly has taught me to appreciate the small things in life. If im not wrong this would be the 7th week in BMT. Just a little more before i POP.

Just to update on myself:

I havent been able to watch that many animes nowadays, though i have bought a number of original R1 anime DVDs, namely Mushishi and Samurai 7. There are both great products. Im planning to get Noein, Suzumiya Haruhi and possibly Beck and Full Metal Panic TSR in the future. But currently im putting my purchases on hold and focus on buying mangas and comics instead. These include Ex Machina, a new series im collecting by the famed Brian K Vaughan, Fell by Warren Ellis.

I went to HMV yesterday to have a look around at some of the latest album. I came across this unique Finnish Symphonic Rock band and i really like their music. The band is called Nightwish and they have a pretty good female vocalist, somewhat similar in the direct of Evenescence. You guys should check out their album. Ill give a more detailed review later.

While in camp i managed to keep a log of my experience on a notebook, but ive yet to transfer them digitally here. Now im a little hesitant on whether i should transfer them or not due to personal reasons and the length of texts in which i have transfer. Since i havent been updating it regularly, the number of entries have been piling up. Sadly though most of them are undated, but they are in chronological order when written. Maybe ill transfer them when i have finished BMT.

Thats it for now.

Oh by the way, I’ve watched this awesome Anime movie, Tekkon Kinkreet and i heard that the animation has been submitted for the 80th Annual Oscar animation nonimation. That must be big news for the people who worked on the project. I really appreciate the efforts put into making this visually incredible piece of animation. It would be nice if they are nominated. However, they are in for a tough fight with big contenders like Shrek 3, Rataouille, and Beowulf. Well best luck to them.

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  1. can i borrow both mushishi and FMP fummufo (however that’s spelt!) from you when you’re done with it?! that mushishi set looks ubbbbbber gorgeous!!!!!!! and that mini guidebook!!!! gaaaah…
    please please please!!!!

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