Mushishi is truly magical…

You know, with all the talk about mushishi in my blog, i still cant find a suitable way to best describe this outstanding anime nor categorise them in any of the major genres.

Ive watched a lot of animes in the past 4 years and have still numerous backlogs of anime series still waiting to be watched. But when mushishi came, at first i thought it was good in terms of the quality from all aspects. However, upon further analysis, this particular series just gives me the chills. There is no way i could describe it. Its spiritually enlightening, and even that is a gross understatement. Every episode is pure magic, meticulously done in great detail that sometimes you just wonder in awe.

There is no central plot. Every episode tells a different story. It doesnt have much action, nor is this an action anime. It’s calm, soothing and really touches on the human essence when it comes to storytelling. Imagine its morning and you are relaxing by a pond where the water is extremely calm breathing in the fresh morning mist. Everytime i finish an episode, that is what i feel, not just a cool breath of fresh air, but the whole atmosphere of calm and serenity that i experienced. It got me thinking real deep about what i have just watched. Its an amazing rollercoaster of emotions and feelings that i dont get most animes that i have watched.

Just listen to the soundtrack and you would immediately be mesmerized. Ive posted a couple of samples in which i think in my opinion, truly brings out the best in the series.

You can listen to a sample of the soundtrack here and here

Here are the pictures that i promised the other time. Finally, its the set that i can be proud off and its a very good investment.

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  1. Mushishi is one of the greatests animes i’ve ever watched. I felt almost like you did, from the opening to the ending, each episode was a magical experience. Each time i listen to the opening theme song i imagine i’m in somewhere calm, relaxing, smooth location, just like one of the places of the anime. And it made me want to travel, the same sensation i had when i watched to Kino no Tabi. Do you know this anime? bye

  2. I have watched Kino no Tabi too! its really inspiring as well. I hope they would make of of the series in the future

  3. Hi! Congratz on completing the collection. It looks good. 🙂 I’m thinking of getting it myself next year.

  4. Hi! Congrats for complete your collection! Mushishi is amazing anime!
    Can you do me a big favor?! Please take a photo of cover back dvd number 6?
    Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Sorry for the late reply, as I am currently extremely busy, I will email you the image as soon as possible! 🙂

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