Mushishi DVD Box Set… ME WANT!!

I saw the promotional ad for the dvd release of Mushishi the other day and it reminded me of the series that i recently watched just last month. I must say that series is one of the most refreshing series that i’ve watched in a long time. Slow, but meaningful, artistic, fluid, and very human characters in the Mushishi makes it to my personal favourites of all time.

Unlike most other animes out there, there is no central plot to the series. Most of the episodes are standalone and doesnt contribute to the overall plot. Yet as you watch, it really feels magical. Coupled with an exceptional soundtrack, this title is a true gem. For those who may have watched too many action packed series, violence, gore or “Noisy” titles, Mushishi is bound to give a blow of fresh, cool air when you watch it. It’s like going for a hike into a green forest, away from the urban landscape that you live all these years.

And so Funimation got the rights to distribute the anime into DVD and i was shocked to see the design of the DVD Box set. Someone by the name of Tony K in a forum took shots of the box that he purchased. Its one of the most beautiful and nicely packaged box set to keep future DVD volumes neatly. The design really fits the overall theme of Mushishi and just by looking at the packaging itself sold me into wanting to order it via Amazon. Just look at the gorgeous design below.

The box set allows you to keep future DVD volumes into one neat package. A total 6 volumes would most likely be released, covering the series’s 26 episodes. The box set has a beautiful outer sleeve. When opened, the inner designs of the box is revealed. The individual DVD volumes has an outer sleeve on the outside as well, featuring gorgeous art on possibly the main character or many some significant characters showcased throughout the show. Really really amazing. Such great thought has been put into the design of the box set, unlike !~uhm Odex uhm~! Now that’s what i call a tribute to all the fans out there. (GET THAT ODEX?!?)

As for the pricing itself, Amazon is selling the box set at USD35.99, which roughly translates to SGD50. A little pricey, considering you have to pay about USD10 more just to get the box AND the first volume of the DVD that comes with it. The DVD itself is priced at USD26 or about SGD40. But hey its 5 episodes in the first volume, so i guess its competitive enough. I must get it!! My birthday is coming anyways, September 22 *Hint hint*. hehehe!



Ive heard the soundtrack before and i think this is one of the few titles that really totally got my attention while watching the series. I love the soundtrack. Composed by Toshio Masuda, whose works also comes up in Naruto and Ghost Hunt. The soundtrack gives a really zen like atmosphere, using traditional string instruments. To describe the soundtrack in one word, i would say, “spiritual” which is really on the dot when composing such a series, a very spiritual series.

Ive put some samples here if you like to listen to them.

Mushishi Theme

Hikari Sake

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