Full Metal Panic Fumoffu thinpak set DVD!

Another package also arrived that i ordered from Tower.com. I was impressed with Tower.com’s swift delivery despite its cheap shipping rates on DVDs. The best part is that no matter how many dvds are there in a set, the shipping rate is calculated on a flat rate of 1 set and not on the number of DVDs in the set.

And thus Full Metal Panic Fumoffu thinpak arrived.

Title: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

Licensed by: Funimation
Region: 1 (NTSC)
Resolution: 640X480 (4:3)
Subtitle: English
Dub: English 5.1, Japanese 2.0
Episodes: 1 to 12

Number of discs: 3

ADV released a more economical version of the title, in a complete thinpak collection with the box to keep all the casings together. It is totally devoid of extras, save for the usual textless openings and closings and some previews on other animes released by ADV. At just SGD 59 for a region 1 DVD, with the box, plastic casings for individual DVDs, this is quite a bargain.

Front and back of the box:

Inside the box you’ll see 3 thin sized dvd casings, holding a DVD each.

The thinpak cases features different pair ups of the girls in the anime.

The menus in the dvd are quite bare and doesnt feature any animated features as you browse through the menu and submenus.

Here are some screenies of the video itself. The picture looks bright and colourful, but i think ADV has kinda messed up with the transfer of the video to the DVD. Interlacing problems are quite evident throughout the series. But other than that, its quite crisp. The interlacing problem could be repaired if you enable FFDshow to process the picture.

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