Evangelion 1.0 You are (Not) Alone coming to town…

Ok i seriously need to head down to town more often. Im missing out lots of juicy and interesting news lately. Just this evening, i was heading to Cineleisure with my friends to have some lan gaming fun when, to my shock, i spotted an ad of Evangelion 1.0 movie on the first floor of the mall.


YA RLY! Yes its true, its exactly what ive said. The movie is indeed coming to town. The franchise that started a social phenomenon in Japan years ago is coming to theaters right hereT Too bad i didnt have camera to prove it to you guys but im dead sure the ad is there. I cant remember the release date for the movie but if im not wrong its 13 March 2008.

The remake to the original blockbuster classic that redefines Mecha animation today is the 1st of 4 movies to be shown here. I need to reconfirm the official release date again. It happened so fast… we were rushing to out destination when this Evangelion poster caught my eye. It was crowded at that time and i didnt had the time to stop and take a closer look. It was quite big, covering the entire length of the mall’s pillar near the entrance.

I can already hear Utada’s featured song, “Beautiful World” being played through the theater’s powerful speakers… What good music!!

On a side note, A Death Note movie spin off, “L Change the World” is coming to theaters on 21st February 2008. I hope its good. I love the manga and the movies are not bad either .Im definitely gonna catch this when it comes out. At least it will relieve my impatient wait for Eva to arrive.

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  1. I saw your post aboit eva 1.0 coming to a theater near you and just wanted to know what general area you live in. I’ve been checking all theaters in my city, but none are showing it.

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