Utada Goodness!

As youve noticed, Utada Hikaru will be contributing a song from the upcoming Kiss&Cry single for “Rebuild of Evangelion” Movie. “Beautiful World” will be the opening theme for the movie. Meanwhile the exclusive trailer for the movie will feature another of Utada’s remakes, “Fly Me to the Moon”, which will also be included in the upcoming single, due to release 29th August. The movie one the other hand will be shown in theaters on September 1st.

Here’s the Trailer

Click here to listen to the full song of “Fly Me to the Moon”

You can listen to the preview of “Beautiful World” here.

And a youtube video showcasing the songs that would be in the upcoming single.

So whats my opinion on the songs so far? I love “Beautiful World”. Add to the fact that its tied to a mega big hit that kinda rocked the anime scene, which was the Evangelion franchise, i can already imagine the beautiful opening sequence tied to this beautiful song. The song sounded a little spiritual, while at the same time electric, contemporary and upbeat, which has more or less been the trademark of Utada, ever since her latest Ultra Blue album. As for “Fly me to the Moon”, the remake is fantastic, showcasing how she has matured with her now even more powerful vocals as before. The song reminds me of “Automatic“, her debut single almost 10 years ago.

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