Where is my package!?

Gargh! I ordered the Suzumiya Haruhi Kyon Character CD and my Mushishi anime DVD starter set and they have yet to arrive! I’m going to NS on friday and i was hoping to recieve them before i enlist, but those 2 packages are nowhere on sight. Its been a little more than 2 weeks already and i pray real hard that i would get them by then.

Tomorrow is the day where i will march down to the office to demand my pay. Im getting sick and tired of waiting for them to pay me, despite the fact that I already given them 3 weeks in advance to prepare my pay, before I enlist. Seriously, and if I’m not paid fully by then, ill write a formal complain to Ministry of Manpower, without hesitation. Close to a thousand dollars is at stake here and i dont want to use my precious book out time during the weekends to hunt them down. Furthermore, i want them to take action now and not just forget about this whole issue. Tomorrow… we shall see……

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