Fate/Zero figure pair [Gorgeouslicious]

[This would be my last post before heading to Tekong, but anyways ill be back in 3 weeks time.]

Ive seen the Saber model donning in black suit under the Fate/Zero franchise and i thought it looked cool. Though the anime is really interesting, it wasnt good enough to really capture my attention. Sure i did enjoy the entire series and have looked into the visual novels like Fate/Zero and was thoroughly entertained, but thats just it. It doesnt leave a lasting impact on me.

When i first looked at the model, its really detailed, sleek with a black finish and a great simplistic pose of saber. It wasnt until i saw the other half that made up a pair that really swayed me into really considering getting the models for myself. Up to now, i think ive come to realised that im kinda attracted to models pairing up each other. Just like how i was attracted to Hagi and Saya that compels me to get the figure. I might getting this one over the Kino model (Gomen kino!)

The Saber model would most likely come out in December. I havent preordered it yet and its kinda too late for me right now, since im very preoccupied with my NS preparations. Nonetheless im still mulling over whether i should get it. I think KKnM might still accept preorders, but what i wanna make sure is the second half to the set Kiritsugu Emiya figure.

If im not wrong it should come out in January of next year, ive already sent a note seeking KKnM confirmation whether preorder status for Emiya is up, then i might get both at the same time. Man.. thats gonna blow my anime/manga budget at the end of the year. Last price check ive seen for Saber was around 65 bucks, but thats just an estimation i guess. The Emiya figure would be more expensive. Hmm hmm hmm…. decision decisions….

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  1. and here i was, stupidly wondering where you disappeared to.
    i found this really awesome acoustics version of yuna ito’s “Endless story” and a few other of her new songs off her latest album! really cool shit. (: when you get back home, i’ll send you the links. (: see you soon, buddy!

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