The Normandy Reborn

In Mass Effect 2, one of the finest moments in the game was when they revealed the Normandy 2. The Normandy is Commander Shepherd's own space ship. In Mass Effect 1, you were given a ship in which you can call your own. With that ship you can progress through the game by traveling to... Continue Reading →

Best singer vs Worst singer

This is meant to be for my own amusement, but seriously, anyone with a good ear can tell which one is better (by a mile) Adele, 21 years old, with a voice of a goddess. She is so natural with a voice so powerful.       Rebecca Black, one of the worst singer I... Continue Reading →

Get it right by Brendan James

Dedicate this song to all my friends and family, especially those who have struggled so much in life and have succeeded in being at where they are now. And for those still struggling, I wish you guys all the best. This song is especially important to me to remind myself how far I have gone... Continue Reading →

Maher Zain

Finally got the album!Maher Zain is the latest artist that I came across. It might very well be the best Nasheed album I have ever heard. Period. Never have I heard a Nasheed album sung mainly in English and it works and sounds terrific. Maher Zain, who is a Swedish of Lebanese descent released his... Continue Reading →

Chemistry is Back!

Chemistry, one of the most popular R&B/pop duo is back with a new album. With almost a 2 year absence since the release of the last album, how do they fare now?I have loved this band for quite some time now. They have really good voices and especially in the world of Jpop where much... Continue Reading →

Shinedown iTunes Sessions

Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Shinedown. Ever since I came across that band on (can you believe it? The power of online window shopping), I immediately bought the album, "The Sound of Madness" at my local HMV store. They had only 1 copy at the store and I took the chance to... Continue Reading →


One of the most outrageous mtv I have ever seen in a looong time and the longest ever released in recent history. It's none other than Lady Gaga's Telephone, featuring Beyonce.Almost clocking at 10 minutes, this video plays out more like a short film. The music is interspersed throughout the video and you will see... Continue Reading →

Avatar the movie (and soundtrack)

Rarely do you watch such a movie so captivating, so magical, and real and you can no longer distinguish what is real and what is not. James Cameron has done it again, with a brand new masterpiece, a masterpiece that took the entire decade since its inception in James's mind. When technology was ripe, he... Continue Reading →

Glee: Hairography

This week's episode of Glee brought tears to my eyes, literary. I was so moved when they sang alongside the choir for the deaf. Yes you heard that right. The choir for the deaf. In this week's episode Quinn tries a little experiment. She wants to see how Puck fares when it comes to raising... Continue Reading →

Glee: The Music Vol 2

As I'm still sitting here waiting for my copy of Glee: The Music Vol 1 to arrive from Amazon, and yet, they have already announce that the second volume will be arriving on Dec 8! I just finished watching episode 10 of the series and it's getting better and better every week. The song selection... Continue Reading →

Kris Allen album due 17 November

Kris Allen self titled album will be due on 17th November, his first full fledged album after emerging as the winner in last season's American Idol."Live Like We're Dying is an amazing single, one of the track that would be featured in his upcoming album. Written by The Script, which I happened to be a... Continue Reading →

Glee: The Music, Vol 1

The music compilation to the most popular TV series in USA is out for preorder! Glee, for those who are still living in caves, is an American musical comedy drama. It tells a story of a teacher in William Mckinley High School, who sets up a 'Glee Club', a show choir and follows his dream... Continue Reading →

Owl City

Owl City is a very dreamy, electronic album. It is the most refreshing type of music I have heard in a long time. Adam Young, is the creator of the tracks in the album. As an insomniac, he used his sleepless moments to create pieces of music in his parents' basement. The tracks have heavy... Continue Reading →

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith, like Shinedown, is another music artist that have been accidentally discovered by me. While on my way back home from Changi Airport, I stopped by City Link's HMV. They were playing an album by Paloma Faith, a British singer. I thought it was Amy Winehouse's new album, but I wrong. It sounded like... Continue Reading →

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