Lady Gaga, Kris Allen and Kratos rocking my house


Purchase of the month: Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster and Kris Allen album, as well as God of War Collection video game.

I bought all that yesterday at the new HMV at the new Somerset shopping mall. With that new mall and Orchard Central up and running, Somerset is looking hip yo!

I bought Lady Gaga’s Album because, well it is essentially 2 Cds for the price of one. Its a great deal not to be missed. Bad Romance is a super awesome song and Lady Gaga is super awesome too. Kris Allen’s new song “Live Like We Are Dying” and “Written All Over My Face” is just downright addictive. I have been playing those two songs over and over again. Granted, those two might not be his original compositions, rather written by The Script, I like that band too, so I have no complains either.

Kratos!!!! I have never played the previous two installments of the game and this is the best opportunity Sony has given to me. Prior to the upcoming game, God Of War III due in march 2010, I have the chance to play the entire trilogy with the final installment reaching the climax. Can’t wait to play once I’m done with Assassin’s Creed II. (I’m almost done though)



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