Shinedown iTunes Sessions

Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Shinedown. Ever since I came across that band on (can you believe it? The power of online window shopping), I immediately bought the album, “The Sound of Madness” at my local HMV store. They had only 1 copy at the store and I took the chance to buy it. Never regretted it ever since. I have been listening to their songs on a regular basis up till today.

When I discovered that Shinedown released the iTunes sessions in the iTunes store, I was thrilled! I knew its exclusively on iTunes store, so I topped up my account in money and immediately click that “buy” button. It’s USD7.99 for 8 songs. I couldn’t be happier. Their live,acoustic and unplugged renditions were awesome. Simply awesome. Listening to it and blasting my speakers in my room, it felt as if they were there in front of me. And mind you I have an audiophile grade speakers and it is literally that good a rendition that they are doing here. It was worth every penny! Click on the links below to sample 2 of the 8 songs.

04 Second Chance (iTunes Session)

02 Breaking Inside (iTunes Session)

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