Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith, like Shinedown, is another music artist that have been accidentally discovered by me. While on my way back home from Changi Airport, I stopped by City Link’s HMV. They were playing an album by Paloma Faith, a British singer. I thought it was Amy Winehouse’s new album, but I wrong. 1253912013_paloma_faith

It sounded like her, but was subtly different. It instantly caught my attention. Voice was so natural, strong and unwavering, it compelled me to approach the sales desk and look at the “Now Playing” section.”Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful”  was the name of the album I didnt know her previously. It was actually, her first debut album and a strong one.

All her tunes are really good, and every song in the album is very solid. I’d much preferred to hear more of her voice but the entire album is quite short. Clocking at only 10 songs, just when you are starting to enjoy her music, it was all over. Take it as a compliment though, because you will enjoy every single track that you just do not want to end that quickly.



You have to watch out for her, for she could be Amy Winehouse’s or Duffy’s greatest rival. Her debut album could catapult her to stardom pretty soon. Its been only one week since her album was released, and it would only be a matter of time.

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