Glee Returns! (seriously, need I say more?)

So last week Glee, returns with a brand new episode after like what, a 4 month hiatus? It was a long wait. I was afraid that it would be a totally brand new season after they won the sectionals.

That would seriously mean that itunes cheated my money by purchasing the season pass. USD39.90 season pass for just 13 or so episodes?! Daylight robbery! But I soon saw, silently, iTunes downloading the latest episode of Glee (entitled Hell-o) to my computer and in no time I was clicking the play button and having a blast.

As always, Glee’s numbers were incredible. I just love the songs. Even the TV ratings skyrocketed in the USA, at around 13 million viewers watching while being broadcast nationwide. My favourite song would certainly be “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects. Finn’s solo of “Hello, I Love You” by The Doors was awesome too.

Soon the week after, Glee dropped the bomb! The Power of Madonna! I think that episode was the best episode ever in terms of music selection. The entire episode was devoted to the songs of Madonna and the principles behind it. The best part: When Sue Silvester remade the entire “Vogue” MTV in its entirety in great detail and accuracy to Madonna’s original! She even sang that song! I was shocked! Totally Shocked!! “Will Schuester I hate you!!” LOL!! That little alteration to the lyrics caught me off guard! Highly entertaining. Even some of the minor casts get main roles as well, especially Kurt who sang a duet with Mercedes for the song; 4 Minutes. Simply brilliant!

The final song, with the entire cast singing backed up by an entire army of chorus singers were a fitting end to the episode. They sang “Like a Prayer” and I think, personally was the best. Simply wonderful and beautifully sung.

So for those who have not watched Glee, please for the final time, give this series a try. You will never encounter any other series that is this, feel-good-after-watching type of the feeling when you watch Glee. Be a Gleek, no harm to it. Trust me.

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