Owl City

Owl City is a very dreamy, electronic album. It is the most refreshing type of music I have heard in a long time.

Adam Young, is the creator of the tracks in the album. As an insomniac, he used his sleepless moments to create pieces of music in his parents’ basement. The tracks have heavy influences in electronic music, synthpop and a little bit of disco. As an amateur, he posted his works on his Myspace page and it instantly became a hit. A record label later, and he became well known throughout the world. He has released a lot of single tracks and albums prior to Owl City, and you should check them all out because it clearly shows his efforts in making ┬áhis music better and better over time.

I really like his work. Most of the tracks are optimistic, talking about love, about his life, his faith, and mundane things like going to the dentist. Yeah you heard me right, going to the dentist, which happened to be my favourite track in his new album.

Dental Care

Some of the lines in the lyrics include

I’ve been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the drill,
I smooth my hair,
Sit back in the chair
But some how I still get the chills

Have a seat he says pleasantly,
As he shakes my hand and practically laughs at me,
“open up nice and wide” he says peering in,
And with a smirk he says “don’t have a fit,
This will just pinch a bit”
As he tries not to grin.

Overall its a very ‘dreamy’ album. Personally, I like listening to it because it kinda helps me to forget about all my problems that I have and just live in the moment. It reminds me of not taking life too seriously, and that you should embrace who you really are, what you are and not worry about what other people is thinking about you. That is how I felt when i listen to this album.


Another favourite track of mine is “Saltwater Room”. This track is a good example why I find this album to be very ‘dreamy’

The Saltwater Room

Anyone who loves electronic music, laidback and carefree mood should really check this out. Apart from the ‘Fireflies’ track that you often hear on radio, you should seriously consider listening to the whole album to truly appreciate all the tracks that was conceived by this one man. It is an incredible feat.

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