Glee: Hairography

This week’s episode of Glee brought tears to my eyes, literary. I was so moved when they sang alongside the choir for the deaf. Yes you heard that right. The choir for the deaf. In this week’s episode Quinn tries a little experiment. She wants to see how Puck fares when it comes to raising a child. After all it was his child to begin with. So she asked Kurt for a favor to set a distraction for Finn and do a makeover for Rachel to attract Finn. He succeeded it and meanwhile Quinn set a date for a babysitting session with Puck to see how great a parent he could be. To her astonishment, they make a great couple together and managed to babysit 3 terribly hyperactive kids to sleep at the end of the day. They sang a song with Puck providing the backup acoustics to make them sleep, “Papa Don’t Preach” which is what she felt when she was kicked out of the house by her father upon hearing that her daughter is pregnant, in last week’s episode. The song is originally sung by Madonna

With that done, she became hesitant about raising the baby with Finn, and strongly considered raising it with Puck instead. But then she realised that Puck can be a drifter at times and can get distracted with other women too. As that happened to be Puck’s Achilles’s Heel, Quinn decided against it and stuck to the plan of having the baby adopted as she finally see that Puck would not be a good father at all.

Meanwhile during Glee sessions, Mr Schuester was angry that Sue Silvester, the overall in charge of the cheerleading squad have been spying on him and been giving information about their performance for sectionals to the other competing schools. So Mr Schuester went to this school for girls, a delinquent school to set things straight. Apparent the teacher of the choir wasn’t interested in cheating and Mr Schuester was grateful about that. To make it up for that he invited their choir to use their facilities to perform, sort of like an exchange program among the different glee kids of the different schools.

Mr Schuester also extended his welcoming hands to another school, a school for the deaf, in which they also have a choir group for the deaf performing for sectionals. While they performed, I was moved by their performance. They start performing just by hand gesture and tone deaf voices, since they are deaf and soon afterwards, the rest of the Glee kids joined in together. It was a very moving performance.

They sang “Imagine” original by John Lennon.

I literally cried during their performance. It was soo moving!!!

Meanwhile, the distraction between Rachel and Finn did not work out as planned. Kurt apparent set rachel up and sabotage the entire set up. Instead of getting Rachel and Finn together, Finn became disgusted by the makeover that Kurt did, mentioning that it was no longer Rachel that he knew and like. Kurt setting up Rachel was set up so that he would make Rachel realise that Finn is not available for Rachel and that enough distractions are already in place with Finn and Quinn trying hard to be together to raise the baby, and at the same time, making Rachel realise that rather living in a world of fantasy, you should be yourself and show your true colors.

Mr Schuester was worried that Glee would not make it to sectionals, after the performances that he had seen with the other schools during the exchange program. He tried a new way to woo in the votes and popularity by teaching them the concept of Hairography, in which using hair and swinging their heads, flailing their hair about would distract the judging of the performance to the the dance routine rather than the actual singing itself. But after seeing the choir for the deaf, he too was moved by the performance, and that to succeed, you just have to be yourself, and just show your true colors. That is the overarching theme of this week’s episode. He chose a brand new set of songs to reflect that and they came up with “True Colours” originally sung by Cyndi Lauper

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