Glee: The Music, Vol 1

The music compilation to the most popular TV series in USA is out for preorder!

Glee, for those who are still living in caves, is an American musical comedy drama. It tells a story of a teacher in William Mckinley High School, who sets up a ‘Glee Club’, a show choir and follows his dream of bringing that show choir to its former glory. The teacher, Terry Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison was also in the Glee Club of that school during his younger days. This is his mission to be able to bring the show choir, to win the Sectionals and onto the Regionals competition.

Along the way, throughout the episodes, you will see the trials and tribulations he and the other kids in the show choir face. The kids in the group are all a bunch of misfits. Rachel Berry, the lead singer of the group is often hated by the school and among her peers. At the same time, Finn Hudson, who is the star quaterback of the school football team also joined the group for reasons I would not spoil you. Soon afterwards, his girlfriend, the star in the school’s cheerleading club also joins the Glee club to keep his feelings of Rachel in check. You will see a developing love triangle among them as the show progresses.


Other characters include Noah Puckerman, who is  close friend of Finn, also in the football team and a playboy, Kurt Hummel, a flamboyant male soprano, who admits he is gay, Tina, who plays an Asian American Gothic student, who has a lovely voice, but stammers when holding a normal conversation. These are some of the multitude of characters in the show.

You should not mistake this show as another High School Musical. In fact the characters in the show are original (if not a little stereotypical), have great chemistry among them, and at times unpredictable. Because they are misfits, not everyone sees eye to eye with each other. You never know how their relationship between each other are going to turn out and that makes the show very compelling.

In addition to the drama, the music is the highlight of the series. Its remake of popular songs from yesteryear, really gives this show life. Like for example, in the first episode when the Glee Club was initially formed, their debut song for practice as a group for the first time was “Don’t Stop Believin”. This power ballad by Journey is one of the most popular rock ballad of the 80s, and the band is the most successful rock band in the USA throughout their career that still exists till today.You can listen to both the original and the remake below.

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Glee – Don’t Stop Believin’

And this show uses a lot of songs both old and new and formed a new orignal remake. Another track I love hearing is the remake by Rihanna’s “Take a Bow’.

Take a Bow (Glee Cast Version)


Other great songs include “Alone”  by Heart, a popular rock song of the 70s who is sung by Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth in one particular episode. Kristin Chenoweth makes a guest appearance in the show, as an alumna in school, who rose to stardom during her younger years in the show choir, but has fallen to tough times as of late, unable to make a breakthrough in her singing and Broadway career years after dropping out of school in search of that dream. Kristin herself IRL is a Broadway star, and her duet with Morrison of  ‘Alone’ was beautiful.


Alone – Kristin Chenoweth & Matthew Morrison – Heart

Schuester (Morrison) managed to track her down and invited her to the Glee club in the hopes of teaching the young kids in singing as well as appearing as a performer alongside the group for the Invitation, much like a school concert. In one of the songs during the performance, the group sang “Somebody to Love”.  That is the climax of that episode. This song was originally sung by Queen and the show’s remake of the song was absolutely stunning. You have to hear it to believe it.

Glee – Somebody To Love – Glee Cast – Queen


There are many other great remakes in the show that it is very exhaustive to list every single one of them. Example include songs from Duffy, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Jordin Sparks, The Supremes, Avril Lavigne and much much more. Those who love music, definitely have to watch this show.

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