Glee: The Music Vol 2

As I’m still sitting here waiting for my copy of Glee: The Music Vol 1 to arrive from Amazon, and yet, they have already announce that the second volume will be arriving on Dec 8!

I just finished watching episode 10 of the series and it’s getting better and better every week. The song selection from this week’s episodes are mostly classic hits and their renditions are mindblowingly awesome. I kinda expected that the volume two would be announced anytime soon, since the songs are new and they are not in the current volume 1 song list, but I never expected to be annnounced THAT soon!

Finn is under tremendous pressure in keeping the pregnancy secret. He had to find an avenue to express his feelings and at least find someone to share his secret with, other than the members of the Glee Club. So Chris, the flamboyant and openly gay member of the Glee club suggested him to sing a song to release whatever emotions he is feeling currently. Finn decided to sing “I’ll Stand by You” and decided to dedicate it to his upcoming child. How sweet. “I’ll Stand by You” was originally sung by “The Pretenders

This week’s episode was explosive. The parents of Quinn and Finn finally knew that they were together AND that Quinn is pregnant. This sets an downward spiral between Quinn’s father, who immediately disowned her, while on the other hand, Finn’s mother accepted the fact and welcomed Quinn to his home after her father threw her out of the house. It was heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Glee club members were supposed to be paired up (by fate and balloting) and come up with a ballad duet. In this week’s lesson, Mr Schuester tries to make the members of the Glee club understand the power of a ballad song, not just as an expression of love, but also an example¬† that songs can be a very powerful medium to express your true feelings towards someone else.

Rachel happened to be paired up with Mr Schuester and after their first song, Rachel became infactuated with that teacher. Unrelenting, Mr Schuester tried to tell her that it has become an unhealthy relationship for them and tried to convey that message to her by singing her a ballad song, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” sung by “The Police” but it failed.

Rachel then sang a ballad to Mr Schuester and he was extremely uncomfortable by it. It was hilarious. She sang “Crush” by Jennifer Paige.

So the story goes, until Rachel realised that it is indeed a very unhealthy relationship. All’s well, the secret of the baby is out, Finn became more mature, (somewhat) and Quinn was devastated by the fact that her lovely family had disowned her and that everything around her was slowly falling apart, pulling Finn along. Teen pregnancy is really hard issue to cope with.

But with every heartbreaks, there is always a silver lining and towards the ending, the entire Glee cast dedicated a song to them entitled “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers. This is the best ending ever!

One thing I love about this series, is the fact that they can take a classic song, and remake so that it sounds so new, refreshing, contemporary and relevant. This is the beauty of Glee. This is not your typical High School Music. There is real creative talent in this series. The cast can really sing well, and the music arrangement is top notch. Recently, the debut song, “Don’t Stop Believing, originally sung by “Journey” sold more than 500 000 copies DIGITALLY. That is quite a feat. All the songs featured in this entry will be available on Dec 8, on the second volume of the album. Look out for it Glee fans out there!

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