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One Day app, a new journaling app was up for sale on the Apple app store. I knew about the app and all the rave reviews it has received over the years. Now I  have the chance to try it out and I am quite impressed by the simplicity of it all. You can now blog or write short notes about your life and the things that are happening around you using the iPhone and they even have a Mac companion that syncs with each other so that it creates a seamless experience for the user. And it is quite private too. It allows the option of setting a password in the app to prevent strangers from reading your journal or messing around with it.

In this day an age with Facebook feed updates and Twitter short messages, Day One looks to be a serious contender when it comes to journaling not just in a traditional sense but also while on-the-go, and wherever you might be. It has several neat features such as adding location and weather information to your journal entries, adding layers of context sensitive information that would me your journal entries more meaningful.

As a long time user of WordPress, I feel quite torn in whether I should jump over to Day One and use it as my main journaling app, or stick with WordPress. I have a good reason to stick with WordPress, because I have been using its services for so many years. Having written close to 1000 entries since I first started WordPress, it pains me to see it abandoned. I would still love to use WordPress to write longer entries, touching on subjects or events in my life that matter me most. There are ways that you could export Day One entries to WordPress, but it’s not as simple as cutting whole chunks of texts and pasting into the text box. There are hurdles to overcome and I find it a little difficult to set it all up.

Day One is great when you need to record and write down things happening in your life in short bursts of updates, just like Twitter. But should I really start the habit of doing that, knowing that I already have WordPress that already serves its purpose as a means of reflection and recollection? Or should I keep WordPress and Day One separate? I could use WordPress if I need to express myself and reflect in a more lengthy post, while Day One could serve as a ad-hoc recollection of life’s little moments, no matter how mundane they are.

Maybe I should try this approach. I’m really starting to love Day One, and maybe I might want to purchase the Mac App as well on the app store. I will still keep WordPress running of course. I could use WordPress as a means to write lengthy entries every now and then, if I have the mood for it and perhaps it should serve as something more substantial than just updating Day One on what I ate, where I have been and what I did for the day.

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