Happy two year anniversary MacBook air!

According to CoconutBattery, a small little program that tells you the overall battery health of your notebook, it states that my MacBook Air is officially two years old last week! Two year old! And it didn't really feel like two years have passed! I replaced the battery once and the current one is still going... Continue Reading →

Things to buy in the future

Just writing a personal list of things to buy in the┬ánext 6 to 12 months.   1. Find a slimmer, form fitting khaki pants. 2. Get another Ben Sherman Polo T-shirt? 3. Buy a custom made gray business pants with matching brown belt. 4. Buy a custom made business shirt. 5. Buy another Playstation 4... Continue Reading →

Finally finished Goldfinch

I initially enjoyed reading the novel when I first started it. However, the plot got muddled a little bit in the final 1/3 of the book. The ending is somewhat long and convoluted, with a slightly disappointing conclusion. In the end, I feel less attached to the characters than I did at the beginning. For... Continue Reading →

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