Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max

Upgrading my iPhone has become an annual tradition. So much so that I get my hands on the latest and greatest from Apple on the day of launch. This is made possible by the high resale value of last year’s iPhone on the resale market.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max 256gb version is S$1969. It’s usually possible to sell the previous iPhone model of similar storage capacity for about S$1300-S$1400. I sold mine for about S$1200. I wasn’t very picky about squeezing every last dollar I can get out from my old iPhone, so S$1200 was the sweet spot for a fast deal. In the end it amounts to about S$700 to S$800 in top-up value for a new iPhone.

So what are my first impressions of the new iPhone? I ordered the Sierra Blue version. I wasn’t particularly sold on the colour at first. But after looking at it in person, with the actual phone in my hands, it actually looks really good.

The size of the phone is the same as last year’s model. It is supposedly slightly thicker and heavier, but I was hard pressed in noticing those differences. After all, the iPhone Pro models are solidly built and hefty to begin with.

I haven’t tried much of the features that new iPhone has to offer since I only got my hands on it for about 24 hours, but I am particularly impressed by the camera’s capability in taking macro shots. Being able to take really nice macro shots will add a whole level of fun taking pictures while out and about with just your iPhone.

120Hz display is neat. It makes everything snappy, just like an iPad Pro. The battery life is suppose to be longer than iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is a huge plus for me. I now no longer have to worry about dead iPhones at the end of the day and having to lug my portable charger around if the need arises. Those worries are long gone knowing that it will be a workhorse.

I have decided to try out Apple’s original silicon case with Magsafe this year as my case for my new iPhone. Since I am already using Magsafe for charging, I thought I might integrate the casing into the entire Apple hardware ecosystem. Phone, Magsafe case, Magsafe. I have noticed that over the years, Apple has made significant improvements to their overall case quality. I am confident that the silicon case will last till my next upgrade, without the need to get a replacement along the way.

Apple’s iPhones have never disappointed me. I know I will get an incredible experience using it. I will update on a more comprehensive impressions and my personal take on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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