After my IPPT, which was 2 months ago, I have started to find it difficult to keep up with my exercise regime. I can barely complete my 3 times a week running routine and for the past month or so, I am a day short a week on my commitments.

This is not a good sign. I think partly this is due to the fact that I just passed my IPPT for the year and hence, I had very little sources of motivation to keep me going in terms of committing to the routine I have set for myself.

Secondly, fasting month. Whenever I fast during Ramadan, running just got so much harder. I remember several instances where I couldn’t even complete my minimum 5km distance quota for running and I felt so dehydrated. Apparently, I did not condition my body and rehydrate properly shortly after I broke my fast at sundown. When it was time for exercise, I couldn’t complete it.

I really hope that I could get back on my game and really stick to my original commitment.


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