A new journaling app

    One Day app, a new journaling app was up for sale on the Apple app store. I knew about the app and all the rave reviews it has received over the years. Now I ┬áhave the chance to try it out and I am quite impressed by the simplicity of it all. You... Continue Reading →

Pocket app

I've had Pocket app in my iPhone for a long time, but it is only recently that I get to use it on a regular basis. I never knew that it would be extremely useful for me in the long run. The Pocket app basically saves all the news articles or any related articles of... Continue Reading →

iTunes Match

A couple of months ago, iTunes Singapore went live. And with it, Singapore customers using iTunes now have access to a huge library of music, and movies in which they can buy legitimately through the iTunes store. Singapore customers also get to use their relatively new service called iTunes Match. I decided to try it... Continue Reading →

A typical day using the iPhone

The other day I mentioned about how my iPhone is important to me. There are several amazing apps that I use on a daily basis. Here are some of the apps that I use. On a typical given day, Facebook and Twitter are usually the first 2 apps that I would check it out. I... Continue Reading →

OS X Lion: July

The recent WWDC has lead to a major announcement of Apple's latest OS X Lion. It will be coming out in July for just USD 29. A jawdropping, hard to beat price that certainly sent some shockwaves within the Apple community and fans alike. During the press conference, it certainly had my jaw dropped when... Continue Reading →

Shinedown iTunes Sessions

Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Shinedown. Ever since I came across that band on Amazon.com (can you believe it? The power of online window shopping), I immediately bought the album, "The Sound of Madness" at my local HMV store. They had only 1 copy at the store and I took the chance to... Continue Reading →

Songs of 2009

Was going through my itunes library and decided to create a playlist. Its called: Songs of 2009. In no particular order, these were the songs that were released in 2009 and those were the songs that I like. Name Artist One Time Justin Bieber New Divide Linkin Park Meet Me Halfway Black Eyed Peas Tik... Continue Reading →

Firmware 3.0

Personally I find paying almost 10 bucks for a firmware update for my iPod touch preposterous. It's free for the iPhone but I don't understand why users of the iPod touch is treated differently. Furthermore not all features in the firmware are usable on the iPod touch because of the lack of the phone functions.... Continue Reading →


You know i bought the onitsuka meets the mini shoes at 230 bucks a week ago and i still havent wear them yet! Its such a waste! I told me mum that i dont mind putting it up on display and NOT wearing it at all. She told me i was crazy. You know the... Continue Reading →

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