Am I going to South Korea?

Looks like it! My friends just asked me if you would like to go to Korea for a short one week vacation sometime in October. Of course I'd say yes, so long as it's within budget. And anyways, I am going to New Zealand for another vacation with my parents in November. And it's gonna... Continue Reading →

Added responsibilities

I don't usually blog or write about work related stuff. I try to keep my work life and personal life separated. But lately, I have come to a point where I just had to mention something about it. Recently, I have been delegated to additional tasks and responsibilities in and around the office as well... Continue Reading →

New Balance 574 Varsity shoe

Finally got a pair of New Balances. Really like the vibrant color and the all round comfort when the shoe fits snugly around my feet. This is a really good looking shoe with quality workmanship. And it's easier to pair this shoe with most pants or shorts you have. Extremely casual looking yet, sporty in... Continue Reading →

Digital magazine subscriptions

I have been a National Geographic subscriber for more than a year now. The subscription I am talking about is the digital version of the magazine. It has all the contents of a regular physical magazine, but you read digitally, from your iPad or iPhone. Though you don’t have the physical copy, there are several advantages to subscribing to a digital... Continue Reading →

Housewarming gift

Housewarming gift. So a friend of mine just moved house and invited us over to her place for a housewarming event. A number of our friends are coming over as well and I have been fretting over what to give as a housewarming gift. I really did not know what to get or what she... Continue Reading →

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