The Goldfinch


I am almost half way through this novel. Very well written so far. It’s as if, the author gave a lot of thought in every sentence that she wrote in this book. Every word, handpicked to best describe something in perfect detail. Even the pacing is excellent. The dialogue, well crafted with believable characters.

I need to finish this book fast. I have a backlog of books just waiting to be read. I guess reading books from start to finish is starting to become a rare trait amongst the young adult like me. I am glad that I picked up the habit of reading. Sometimes, nothing beats a good book, with freshly brewed cup of tea beside you. With nothing else to distract you from, you become fully immersed with the world that the author has wonderfully constructed. It gets even better if the author masterfully writes a book that describes a world so outrageous, yet it pulls you in nonetheless as if it were real, holding hands with you while you ride out the adventure. That is one of many hallmarks of a good book.

I am thoroughly enjoying The Goldfinch so far. It’s a rather lengthy book, extending past 700 pages if I am not mistaken, but I have yet to encounter any part of the book that is boring, or draggy. Like I have mentioned, the author gives a lot of thought in every sentence she wrote in the book, so that no words were wasted in crafting a world within the pages of her novel.

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